Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week of September 15th

   Guess what we went to a new building for p day and the computers work!!!!!!!!  

 today we went with the zone and went rock climbing it was pretty cool. p- days are so rushed thou. last week i got my suits dry cleaned and it ran my card dry they said 12 bucks for both and went back a couple days later and there and there like 24 bucks.


But, anyways, this week was good we met a lot of families out pros alighting (i know i spelt that wrong mom but there no time to fix it.) we met this Jamaican family they were pretty chill. off course. we also met a couple other families like that some were able to go to church yesterday. about that my bishop called me Thursday night and said hello elder Davis would you give a talk Sunday on the restoration. it was cool giving some of the family investigators a better understanding. but just this week only being a month out we had some  goober yelling at us from a building. I really wanted to climb up there and throw him off, but i started to teach him a message about Jesus Christ. I can’t say that message at that time brought him joy but it brought me some. so that was my week the floods weren’t really bad up her we heard a lot of people talking about it thou. justine happy birth day!!!! Braden don’t play with my toys!!!!! Shane write me!!!! Mom and dad love you!!!!!


   bye love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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