Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week of September 1st

Hey! so first, Shane is lying, I wrote him! I wrote him last week, Spank him!

Ok, So anyways, I got in my first area Tuesday... I am in Prescott Valley, but you have to say prescett or they get mad. I  am on a thin line here because I guess a lot of people here don't like California. (the truth is, they are jealous)

So, on my way here on the airplane... We just left and just got over all the clouds and the plane started going crazy! Stuff was falling all over, and grown men were crying, it was the worst fear ever, it was like crashing my car times ten! But things got better.

Now in the big transfer meeting I met my companion, Elder Hernandez. I'll send you a picture of us next week. He is awesome and we get along great, and teach good. so, when I was there, every missionary I talked to, said Prescott is the best area ever. It's a little poor, and every house has a cigarette smell. So, on my first day we put me suitcases in the apartment and 15 minutes later we went to our first discussion. We taught 2 investigators and 2 inactives that day. It was kind of fast. Getting here we are already working on 5 baptism dates!

Well, bye family!
Love Kannon (Elder Davis)

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