Sunday, November 30, 2014


Hey!! So I'm not sure what time I'm going to skype yet but I'm going
to do it on my iPad so it won't be slow but we got some time I tell
Christmas to figure it out. For my birthday, I would love some money or a crazy florescent tie!!

Special thanks to grandma and grandpa for visiting me that was fun
even thou I had to go so quick o had a lesson.  Thanks Love you!!
  We'll send me some glamis pics that sounds so sick!! I wish I could
hop on a bike for a few minutes.

  Any ways this week was amazing and fun we I'm really loving the ward
I'm in some members like devote their lives to missionary work. One
member gave me a coat too. I'm going to miss them when I get

  We had a missionary work concert at a members house. The ticket in
for a member was to bring a non member and the pre was so many non
members! I'm going to try and send a video from if to.

  So best news yet we finally have a convert being baptized Saturday
morning!! She is a foster child that moved in with members. She is 10
and has the same birthday as me. Her name is gabby we have taught her
for a while we were just waiting for legal permission.

      So a great week love you all a lot stay safe in glamis!! But
still ride hard tell the montiels and g ma I love them!! Ok love

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