Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week of October 27th

Hay everyone glad to hear everything's well. Shane. Punch his tooth  out get it over with jk jk. He had a squishy lip in that last photo

So, this week we went to the temple with a young
investigating family for the phoenix tour. It well they were just
found in a parking lot a month or two ago and now we're trying to set
a baptismal date with them. The only difficulty is they work all day
Sunday at the same place too, I guess that's cute. 

  Our other progressing investigator was a very unfortunate
situation. She got a eviction notice to be out of her place for only
five days to be out of her place. I guess under a lot of stress she
relapsed, she used to be an alcoholic. She was in public and started
something up and the cops had to come to calm her down. Her baptismal
date was November 8th and she already had a testimony of the Book of
Mormon. She in camp verde prison now for who knows how long.

  So that was kind of the down part of our week.
We're praying for things to start looking up again.

              Ok everyone stay safe ball hard love you from elder davis.

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