Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week of 1/26/2015

Hey everyone!!

Thanks for the emails they were
 funny. You guys finally went snowboarding.

 This week was really good again we went to a members house, probably
 one of my favorites and a lot of their family that sometimes stays
 there are non members or less active. When we went over there the
 other day we were sharing a regular dinner message and this girl
 that's engaged to one of the less active kids was interested so we
 talked. Long story short we put here on date for baptism.
Only problem is she is going to the navy on the 10th in February.
 So we need to rush everything cause she lives with her fiancé.
And we also have another baptism on Saturday with the kurtz's foster
If you remember, it's the same foster family.

 Nothing else to crazy the other day we got to go down to phoenix to
 see a baptism of my companions last convert and when we got back there
 was another baptism. It was the zone leaders so we just went to
 baptisms all day!! Pretty cool .

 Well I miss you all I miss you food mom! Love you all stay dynasty

 Kannon davis

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