Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week of 2/2/2015

Hey thanks for the emails loved reading them. I had a good week too!
The best day was Saturday, it started off great when we had leta's
baptism. It was wonderful, her foster brother from Kingman AZ came to
baptize her.

After that things were slow and we weren't teaching anyone intell 8
pm. So we went to the Dewey Ward which is a huge spread out ranch/
hick town. I better way to explain, every member wears cowboy boots to
church. One thing they love to talk about in that Ward in horses
cattle hay land and diesel. Pretty much whatever you hear in a country
song is that town. Its funny but I love them.

So we went there and of course every road is dirt and it was raining.
It was probably rained for two days. I was obviously not driving my
companion was and went to do a u turn and got stuck in the mud!🙈I'll
send you pictures. We were stuck there for about 1 and a half hours.
Other than all that we went to a zoo this morning for district activity.

Keep working hard Justine and family!! And have fun in sports Braden
don't let John out run you!  Shane, keep getting protein and push it
tell the end of your mission!! Soon you will be kneeling on the alter
fulfilling the "last covanent"  dad and Shane, a good working out
exercise when you are at the gym say BAHHH!! Super loud while lifting
for best results, haha love you all!!!
      Kannon davis

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