Sunday, February 15, 2015

week of 2/9/2015

Hey everyone!!
So I was reading the emails and Shane went to a zoo! Alright kind of
weird we both went😛 I bet you didn't get to kiss a bear. And I got
quite the different email from Justine and B. It was funny though, a spy
show where Braden gets punched in the face!

And Shane did 100 push-ups a day!! did you grunt? It counts for more
if you grunt. And good luck with your companion yacking all over Hope
he gets better.

  Any ways today is Tuesday so that means tomorrow is transfers and
this morning we got the text and that's me. I'm leaving my first area
tomorrow, I've been praying that I can go to a biking area which is
most likely. That also means I will probably stay down in phoenix all
summer!!😝 and maybey my whole mission. Because there is a lot more
mission zones down south than up north.

I'm really excited for a new place thou this place was on fire and
now that everyone is now baptized it really slowed down so hopefully
when the guy replacing me can spice things up again really soon. Other
than all that nothing crazy happened this week I'm just going to miss
the members in the wards that I've been in for the last 6 months!

      So love you all have another good week.

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