Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week of March 2, 2015

Hey family,

So, it's weird being in Phoenix, apparently it rains a lot!?!? Last Monday
when I emailed everyone it was raining and today it's still raining!!
This week was great we had stake conference, a member of the area 70
or quorum of the 70 can't tell the difference came. His name was elder
Rein, it told us a story that happened to him on the way from New
Mexico to phoenix.

He was on his way and got stuck in a snow storm and he didn't know how
he was going to get out of the storm. He prayed, two people came
and magically had everything that elder Rein needed to make it to
phoenix. It was a pretty amazing story.

So, the people we are working with are all mostly in-actives coming back to church
 we have about three at least that really want to come back. They may not
be baptisms but it still amazing to see so many come back into the church.

  So mom can you get me my job at the gym back or a free membership
when I get back I'm cool with that. And I will keep grandpa in my
prayers, thanks for the letters and poor Braden getting to go on fun campouts!!
Shane stay safe, stick it out!

Love you all,

  Elder Kannon Davis

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