Sunday, May 10, 2015

Week of 5/5/2015

Hey family

I liked your emails had a lot of BAAA!!. This week was cool, we went to
a potential investigators house named serenity and she said we could
come back to meet her family and we did that just a little bit ago and
her whole family was interested. And also one of there friends where
also! So finally we have investigators! that was Friday.

And weird thing is that the transfer text came in and I'm already
leaving! It's crazy only 2 transfers in Peoria. I will be able to tell
you where I am on Thursday sometime I think. That's also when I can
tell you when I will skype also.

Other than that, we had clouds and a little rain again. That's why I
jumped off my bike in that pond and it was for Mother's Day. Love you
all! sorry I don't have to much to write this week I guess we also had
a member present lesson.

Love you all I hope the best.   
 Kannon davis

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