Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week of May 11

Hey family!! Thanks for your emails and support!

O and I looked up bob's house "papas friend" and he isn't close to me
but he is in the mission boundaries in sun city, so hopefully some day
I'll meet him.

  It was fun skyping you all yesterday, I've said most things
yesterday but not all things. In my boundaries the ward I'm in is the
furthest south in the whole mission!! And about the wards I'm in they
are booth super friendly and nice. They welcomed me in pretty well

  And a question for you all when does school get out?? It's weird
another wave of missionaries are about to come out once there all
graduated and 18, which means I'm almost at one year in Arizona!!
 Love you all have a great week! Hope you had a good Mother's Day Mom!!

  Kannon davis

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