Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week of May 18

Dear fam😎💸

Thanks for your emails it seemed everyone is asking me about teaching
and stuff. And that the sisters want to pretend to be investigators
and role play!!

But, about teaching and all that, someone prayed real hard for us
cause this week was the best teaching and finding week in months!! We
always end up tracting a lot of the hours of the day. And that's because
in most areas and in my last areas there is always a place or two like
a park or village and skate spots people always go to so there was
always places to talk to people and kids. But here there is really
just houses that's look the same as all the others and farms that
smell terrible.

Fortunately, this week tracting it seems as if almost half the doors
we knocked on let us in and now we have a teaching pool.

Also, to top the week off we have an investigator name Thomas, this
cool guy with a sweet accent. He from Sierra Leon Africa, we have
been teaching him recently and he came to sacrament yesterday. And he
even brought his other friend joe I think from Africa. So it was a
great experience.

  And mom asked the question how easy is studying since I was to busy
to study in school cause I was to rad!! Haha! studies are easy now I
think cause we have iPads and wifi I can access anything on gospel
library. O and  I can watch general conference whenever I want!

And answer to one more question no we're not technically on bikes
cause we have two wards and there huge. But we try to ride them at
least 3-5 hours a day. So love you all make the most out of summer
kids cause when you get older summer are different. That's what I'm
experiencing. Have a good week!

love you all,
  Kannon davis

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