Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week of June 8th

buenos tardes familia!!!

  thanks so much for your prayers it rained last week!!, and this is the last week of the transfers so next pday is on Tuesday. my companion has been in this area for about on yer if you add it all up. he was trained in this ward left for a while and came back. most likely he will leave. never sure though.

   This week was a hard one for investigators. we had a lot of appointments bu,t they all fell through, 
  and I know I am  not the best at bearing my testimony in every email, sorry. Bu,t since dad asked me to I will, you will never have to worry about me going less active when I'm home. Some words from one of my favorite members in my first area, brother Amero said while talking to an investigator while in a parking lot, "i know that this church is true more than i know that this concrete we are standing on is solid!!" its steeling his quote but i don't want to get mushy. I feel the same way he does.

 I'm figuring out in life nikes quote really means something JUST DO IT!! you'll never know you can ride a bike until you do it, you'll never know if you can fly or not until you do it.(i don't suggest trying it until we are in heaven though) I think its also the same with a testimony, you never know that you have one until you share it.

  so back to the other stuff since you got the "mushey" out of me this week was cool we had a lightening storm all day Friday a few things caught on fire like a random car we pulled up near. it was in the middle of a absolute wasteland just burning up. ill see if i can send out some cool photos. love you all and last but not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADEN almost to the dances. hope you all have a great week.

Elder Davis

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