Sunday, July 19, 2015

Knockin on doors in a desert valley- Week of July 13th

Well to start out this last week, this last Tuesday morning we were on
our way to a lesson with a struggling family. And some lady at Walmart
flagged us down, we thought she needed help or something cause she was

But when we go to talk to her she started saying stuff I have no idea
what she was saying I thought she must have special needs or
something. But no, she spoke Hebrew, what she did is, go to the Hebrew
bible and gave us anti stuff about Jesus Christ. She just kept talked
about all this ant-Christi and Emma smith which was random. She wouldn't shut
up and let us say anything.

I trying testifying twice and she told me to stop talking so I ripped up the paper she gave us,
 and rode away, Elder Melsen didn't want to offend her so he
politely left.

Later in the week we had a really good zone meeting, I sent some cool
stuff of that.

Sunday was the best day this week we had a bunch of people come who
never come. The M ___ family came, we did some service for them a
couple weeks ago. We have been doing stuff for them for a long time
she has 2 young kids. The boy is 7 and the girl is 10 and her fiance
has cancer in his throat. The family awesome yesterday the kids gave me a big bear
hug out of nowhere, it was awesome!

Other than that we got a lot of referrals to visit!! Good stuff.

  Shane, good luck with that hot date remember if their cocky their no
good. Mom I'm going to try to send a letter HAPPY BIRTHDAY the big 32!!

Dad good luck with the secret thing we will just call it, "salt water
taffy." Justine have fun at girls camp, eat moths, Braden your email was
funny keep me updated with those Porsches too. BRR BR.

  Love you all have a great week!!!
Kannon davis

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