Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week of July 6th

Glad you all had a great fourth. We all had to be in bye 6:00, but before
then we went to my favorite members the millers. The dad is a surfer
he runs a camp and he also used to skate!! then it was 6 and we felt
young and reckless so we went to Wendy's and yes got frostys.

We heard a lot of fire works but we couldn't see any but there has
been thunderstorms at midnight every night so that entertained us.

Today things started to look up we have a lesson with an investagator
today with a member going, and a dinner, and a lesson with a less
active Hawaiian family!. So today will be great.

O and I forgot to say, on the fourth we also were riding around going
through names and we ran out, then we saw a moving truck. So we helped
some random people move. The lord gave us something to do in a AC
house on the 4th of July. God bless MERICA.

I liked all you pictures at the beach for some reason I took a lot
with volks wagons I'll send those. Love you all have fun day on the
9th papas birth day I'll see if I could golf some how.

Love Elder Kannon

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