Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week of August 10th and August 3rd

Hey everyone!! So I haven't made my year mark video yet cause I'm not
a year in yet but I got some SWEET chemicals😏😁😁shh. And I have
collected way to many retarded ties.
But anyways the week was so busy we moved someone in the morning on
Tuesday and they decided to give us their full bar sized slate pool
table. Those way more than Marta busses and in the week we moved 4
more people after that.
I have ice on my back right now haha. But we had a baptism on
saterday night. His name is Bo bowman, unfortunately I wasn't able to
teach him much at all so he probably doesn't know my name yet. But we
have some one else on date for baptism.
His name is Doug Perez. He is on baptismal date for the fith, we met
him my first week. He is married to a women who was baptized when she
was 20 somethin and has be inactive for the last 25-30 and so she is
returning as well. He is one of the most solid investagator said I've
seen kind of like the golden investagators missionaries talk about. He
acualy asked us if he could go home teaching!!
Other than that the wards are tight they are buying us protein powder
for the missionaries tomorrow💪🏼💪🏾😜
We have a lot of really solid recent converts as well in the wards we
had dinner last night with a guy Dominique who's was baptized 3 years
ago and just got of his mission we are hoping to start teaching his
family that ain't members.
  Dad I'm going to be home on your next birthday I just realized
that!! I will let you get us some sushi next year!! Happy birthday
  Love you all have a good week keep workin hard and earn dat doe!!

  Kannon davis

Week of August 3rd:

Hello everyone!!
So I'm here in my new area in surprise. They call the house I live in
the surprise Swol💪🏼💪🏼💪🏿 house the pictures will tell you why.
It's a Verry spoiled house, we have 4elders in it, but there is a gym,
a back yard, we got a real pool table the other day, and theses two
awesome pictures of Lyons!!
We have two wards and I can't pic them a part yet but I think that
they are both really fast with investigators. We have a baptism this
Saturday actually!! His name is bo bowman, I have only taught him once
so far but he's pretty solid.

My new companions name is Elder Cook, he likes sports and working out.
He kind of short, ill send some pictures or everyone next week.
We have taught a lot of investigators this week one of which randomly
came to church a few week ago and that's how he was found by the

Dad I have a cool quote for you from bill Cosby I think,    "I don't
know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please
You'll have to offend a few people as a bishop it's like being cop,
but your a Jesus cop.

Braden I'm glad to hear you liked sail boating, that next to like a
UFC fighter would be my favorite profession in the world!! 

Glad your working with mike Shane. 
  And to answer some questions, the city surprise is the same temperature as
Phoenix I'm pretty sure, or sure feels like it. We have a Verry solid
ward, we had dinner with the stake president last night he has like 7
freckle faced kids and he's a rich dentist. All the houses are huge
and stuko again.

  But anyways love you all have a great week everyone!!
  Kannon davis

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