Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week of August 17th

Hello everyone, for weeks I thought summer was over but the ground hog
melted on a rock while hibernating I guess. With all the heat we have
a tender mercy of living in a home that a members house, he set the AC
to 75!!! It's straight freezing going from 115 at night to 75.
Normally missionaries have it at 78 degrees.

It's really weird when there is a heat wave in the mission and in your
home town too. But we have a lot of appointments so we're in Houses
enough to not die.

This week I got my bike back so we are going to ride a lot this week!!
We had a lot of lesson with active members this week, I met some guys
that are like apostles or something. We were sharing something about
missionary work and service I send a picture of the thing.
But Mann some people were narly,! I've seen that a lot in Arizona.
Families that do scripture study before seminary!! 

They know all sorts of people and stories in all the scriptures.

Doug Perez our investigator on date is doing really well he comes to
church all three hours every Sunday. We meet with him maybe you 1 or 2
times a week. He is still solid haray!!

Not to much other stuff happened I have a few photos to send. I
wasn't quite as busy as you all were with going to the beach and stuff
and we didn't meet anyone new to teach unfortunately.
But we have some member that give referrals.

  And to answer some questions we so still ride our bikes whatever
temperature it is and you don't sweat to bad Intel you stop then it's
really bad.

  Love you all miss you all btw I don't know when I can burn a tie
most likely this week but some of the other elders get all scared or
something. And our mission pres has cracked down on some missionaries
so I'm nervous. But until then love you all have fun.

Love Elder Kannon Davis

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