Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week of August 24th

Hey everyone!!

This week was great, unfortunately today has been partly wild with a
zone activity and I don't have as much time as I need to email. We
went lazzer tagging!! it was really fun I think it was too expensive
for the quality, but it was cool.

This week we did some service making concrete. And our investigator
is still doing great. We're pretty far in teaching him he fits in so
well in the ward that most people don't know he isn't a member.

We have another girl who we just started teaching. Her brother was
baptized at 18 and served a mission in Italy, his mom was baptized
while he was on his mission and we are trying to work with his whole
family. So we started teaching his twin sister.

Well that was about it since the time. I crashed my bike! the story
was funny; I was in a concrete wash, acting like it was a half pipe and
I caught some air and my handlebars just gave out completely! (Same old Kannon)

That night we went to a really cool nice member who through some new
handle bars on for free. He is a policeman that loves mountain biking.
So love you all and yes the tie can be worn as a missionary. Have a
great week I'll write more on Monday promise and thanks for your

Elder Kannon Davis

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