Sunday, August 2, 2015

week of July 28th-getting moved again

Well the news came in and both me and my comp elder Melsen are
transferring. The second time me and my comp are both leaving. It's
called getting white washed and it's a weird feeling.
The reason for getting white washed is usually because there are not
as much missionaries coming in as there are leaving. It's cause of the
age change a few years back. It's pretty common for one companionship
to cover thre wards!!!!

I have no idea were I'm going but I'll see if I could email the
address Thursday or something. Pray that I don't get a weird
But anyways I see you guys had a freekin blast at Utah without me!!
Haha it looked super cool kind of like Zion national park.

My week was sort of a vacation, the ward had a water balloon party.
There was a Lille pool, slip and slide and almost 1000 water balloons!
We went in full prosoliting clothes and got drenched. I nailed the
bishop and his couslers. The primary hosed me down. So that was a

This week we were able to teach and find a new investigator !! He is
YSA aged so the next missionaries will just have to refer him over. He
was really receptable.

My year mark in coming in a few days I don't know what to burn yet I
have a pre party video just in case the circumstances are such that I
can't burn anything. We will see how my new comp handles kannon

And that was pretty much the week we didn't have any narly street
contacts this week. The late summer storms havnt come yet either but
we need em badly. Love you all a ton and glad to hear the trip was
good. And super cool Braden's at fiesta island, that place was way
sweet!! I hope you did small boat sailing.
Talk to you all next Monday!!!!
      Kannon Davis

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