Sunday, September 13, 2015

August 31 post

Loved all your emails this week. That picture or Braden is raad!!! Keep it up.
This week was cool I didn't break my bike this week, and it got down
to 82 degrees the other day!! We have a baptism this saterday at one!
It's crazy to meet someone teach them and baptism all in the same
transfer and at the same time activate his wife.
I've been lucky a few times with a investagators and being there at
the right time.

Doug  is super solid he understands everything and is pretty
spiritual a lot trike Jeanie and here kids in my first area.
This week we went on exchanges for 2 days I took over my are in
surprise with elder Enchjargal from Mongolia. Like I showed you in the

  He was a magician before his mission, that's how he paid to come out
here. So he is good at Magic he showed me a few moves there fun to do
with kids.
When I was with him we were riding around and some girls were selling
what we Thant was lemonade, so we go up to get some and this group of
10 year old girls were selling iced tea.

  It was one of the weirder experiences I've had on my mission. It's
hard to explain to 4th grade girls that two 20 year old men aren't
supposed to drink tea. I gave them a restoration pamphlet and tried my
hardest not to make it awkward but it just was.

  Other than that it rained this week. Every time it rains these trees
called paule verde trees tip over. Their supper week and annoying
cause they block the sidewalks all over.

  Love you all keep doing doing good in your sports and work. I'll
email you on Tuesday!!
  Kannon davis

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