Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week of September 8th

Hey cause it was a crazy week!! I'm just going start off with talking
about Doug. He was baptized by elder Cook. The baptism went
super good since it was labor day weekend not a ton people came but
the important people did.

His wife is a bakery and she cooks super good banana bread and goods
like that. Everyone that came got to have the best banana bread ever.
The talks were really good and all went to plan.

Sunday I confirmed him at sacrament meeting. I've confirmed 2 people
now it's super cool. After the confirmation it was fast and testimony
meeting. I was sitting there thinking that if I went up then my comp.
would go up then if we both did Doug would so I did then my comp. did
the Doug bore his testimony right after.

His testimony was super good!!. He talked about Joseph smith and all
the Book of Mormon.

A funny story, after that baptism Doug and his wife took us home, he
checked the mail near his house before he dropped us off. In there was
a box from some of his wife's family. And it was a anti Mormon book
about the size of the bible!!!

It's interesting how satan attack's at the best time in people's. Its
like mom right now with her friend Veronica. It's just how life is. 
They ended up tossing the book. Sorry about your friend Veronica mom.

This week was a good spiritual week and now it's stressful cause of
transfers. No one in the whole mission knows if their getting
transferred or not. The text was supposed to come in yesterday
morning. And it has not to this day and minute come yet. And transfers
are tomorrow morning!! Pray for me I want to stay haha

Thanks for all you emails and those words atrocious, that was a word dad used.
Hope all goes well with everything at home had fun at college Shane
you'll probably see some of my friends and comps. Love you all talk to
you next week!!

Elder Davis

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