Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 20, 2015

Hey family! 
This weeks Been good!  Elder sumsion and I are staying in
the area! It's good we get along pretty good. He is really nice,
sometimes he gets super frustrated and stupid things like cabinets that open up on their own and hit you in the face, or like cups of water that tip over by themselves. (Which we all know happens a lot.) Haha- I'm the same way we all know that I'm he same way. But good news I'm changing I'm trying to be more chill and it's totally working.

Anyways the weather has been awesome it started to cool down yesterday! It took a long time but we are now in the final stages of summer, and I think fall starts on Christmas Eve down here haha. So I'm very excited to stay here, when I was first here, missionary work was a bigger priority I don't know what happened, but over night it seemed to have changed,  but I'm sure the holidays can restart some fire.

The other day we ate with the stake president and his family. They seem to be on fire. Their kids are all pretty young and same with the parents. It's sounds legit to have young kids that love to share the gospel.

  Other than all that, investigators haven't progressed to much. There is a girl in the group home that wants to be baptized but she is in a group home somewhere else that the big problem.

  We had some service opportunities finally. We just moved a bunch of rocks and had fun doing that and getting Shwool!!  And that was our great week I get to stay on a bike one of the very few bike areas in the mission right now do to a shortage of missionaries.

  Love you all keep doing good in sports and baptizing people in the ward that's awesome to hear keep the missionaries busy!!

By the way, Jessie Webb sent me yeti socks!!😏They are awesome! Thank you Jessie

Elder Kannon Davis

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