Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 5th

Hello everyone happy Monday!!

Thanks for all your emails I loved them. This week was amazing! Mostly because of conference. I'm looking forward to when they put all the talks on gospel library. I had a lot of key leanings from a lot of the talks.  Elder Russell M. Nelson and the last one Thomas S Monson gave were my favorite.

Exaltation is our goal, discipleship is our journey by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Come what may and love it.   Elder Worthlands mother; Those were my favorite little quotes there were many more I loved as well. The best from all of it was the spirit especially the Prophet, even thou he struggled a lot just being up there. It would be devastating if that was his last conference but if it is his last words were powerful.

Other than all that this week we had a lot of lessons with members and part member family's. Last Monday we had a great lesson with some in-actives, they were older couple like 50s but he had a collection of old engines so he was already cool. We had some lessons with non-member kids and their parents are inactive.

  Preach my gospel doesn't lie when it says the gospel blesses
family's. People that fell away and don't obey the commandments or don't go to church aren't nearly as happy. And the kids we taught were raised by their grand parents who don't care to much about discipline to the
  We didn't get any investigators but I definitely feel the week was a lot better than last. This week I take Shane's advice and use something in conference to help the area. I'm not sure yet though. I'm going watch the talks again when they come out.

  Again "come what may and love it" something I took from conference.
I wasn't sent to paradise in Fiji or Baffin Island, there has Been a few days I wanted to hitch hike out this city and go somewhere with wind that's not hotter than the temperature, or somewhere that gets down to 80 degrees at night and rains more than a inch a year!! But, I'm sure I was sent here to grow and toughen up a little bit.

  There are a lot of key leanings from that quote, Mom seems to have it pretty well mastered. After losing papa then Veronica a lot of people would throw the towel in but you always tread on love you!!

  And love you a ton all hope you all have a great week and do good in sports never give up!!


Elder Kannon davis

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