Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week of September 28

Hello family!,

This week was spiritual, unfortunately that doesn't always mean super
successful. In the beginning we had a lot of lessons set up, but the
our area book which is pretty much the record of everything in the
area like appointments, all the records, the dinner schedule, all
It's actually the second time the app crashed we were able to get it
back that same day but we realized that all of our appointments got

Oh, and my companion lost his iPad in the beginning of the transfer. We
ended up missing a few appointments and lessons hopefully not
offending to many people my missing lessons.

Dad asked if I have
 We just get a lot of people yelling at us saying
hail satan and crap like that, it's pretty sad to see people that hail

But there is always good people out there that wave at us. This last
week Doug, who baptized a few weeks ago was able to receive the
priesthood yesterday. That was really cool.

I went on exchanges last week with Elder Enchargal again he, is done
with his mission in like three weeks that was pretty fun I send some

Oh, and the moon was red last night but it wasn't the second coming so
that's the most of the week.

  Our investigators as of right now are flaky and not solid so we're
praying and looking.
  Love you all!!!

Kannon davis

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