Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week of November 2

Hey everyone

  This week was way more busy than the last week. Tons of things
happened, in the beginning of the week we started to help some lady
move. She wasn't a member or anything she was a referral from out of
the state, when we went in the house we could smell mold and sewage.

  She was a single mom with 5 young kids living there. She knew for a
long time that she was moving but we pretty much had to pack for her
and she had collected more trash than the city dump and all in her

  So moral of the story, don't hoard, and clean your house. We have
been helping her out a lot along with some other moves in the ward.
Then one morning me and Elder Sumsion out on a jog in a more rural
part of the town when a cute dog looked like jazzy a little about the
same size came bolting at us at full speed!! And I reached my arms out
to give it a hug and then we pet it for a few minutes and we keep on
running home.

  From a distance it followed us all the way back so we put it in the
back yard and played with it for while and then called the owner. We
didn't get any investigators out of it unfortunately, but we named the
dog Emma and loved it! it was very hard to say goodbye.

  On Halloween night, Elder Gay from the first quorum of the seventy,
our mission President, and the AP's had the missionaries only from
surprise all over at the church and order Panda Express!!. It was
pretty sick.

  Elder Gay has thousands of stories and he is just a super good guy
I could see him someday in the quorum of the 12. I did dress up on
Halloween at the ward trunk or treat party, we brought shades and
Asian guitars someone gave to us and we were a boy band name "right
direction"(like one direction just better looking).

    Love you guys all good job on all your successes love you all here
are some picture of Emma so Gma lawana could see love you all!!

Elder Kannon

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