Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week of November 9th

Hey family!

So as the pictures shown we were followed home by another dog! Kind a
random for it to happen twice in a row, but the story goes we were
proselyting early in the morning and I share a lesson a cute little
Rottweiler just trucked along with us.

  We put in our backyard give it some water didn't have any dog food
so we give us some canola and oatmeal. The dog had no collar so he
took pictures of it and posted it on Facebook. There is a God because
we weren't stuck with this dog breaking the rules, that was my biggest
worry. But luckily we found the owner she was in tears when she first
got her, needless to say I don't think will be teaching her anytime

  I had another cool experience, we were out at a lesson and got to
help someone move in on her way home so that we should go on a cool
little shortcut. It's not really sure cut it off but it's got some
sweet jumps!! As we kept running we rode through the neighborhood and
saw some more people moving out so we help them out.

  They are just moving into a city called Goodyear which is in our
mission really close to where we live right now, and we got
missionaries number over there and got them to help them move into
their new house. I'm really hoping that something good happens and they
will start teaching them. The people were very grateful for all the
help and strong young backs from a good lookin lad like myself haha. 

  Not a whole lot other than that, we are teaching a lady
consistently but she doesn't come to church. I've been out for almost
15 months I heard this is wear time flies by pretty quick. I think the
biggest reason missionary's get trunky (can't wait to go home) is
because we live with teenage and 20 year old men for 2 years. It gets

  The weather has been great here we have been street contacting a
lot more now hopefully it starts working good. LOVE YOU ALL!! Hope you
have a great week!

  Elder Kannon Davis

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