Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week of October 26th

Hey family!!
  I loved your emails it sounds like you are all really busy with a bunch of stuff, football, tennis, college girls, work, dance. 

That's really good everyone active. I was a little busy after my mountain bike broke again.
  All Hope wasn't lost though we were close to home and on the side of the house for who knows how long was a Trek road bike from the 80s!! 

This last couple days I borrowed someone else's while I fixed the up the New rig during lunch.

  Investigators wise, we had a small Success. One ore two weeks ago I sent pictures of me on a big boat. The owner is brother "s", he was baptized when he was 8 and I'm pretty sure went inactive before he turned 9. Now he is in his 60s and his wife is not a member, but when brother "S" was not in the room she said she would join the church if he started to go.
  They are both really fun and friendly people so we will see if
anything works over the next couple weeks with them.

  This last Saturday almost our whole mission was able to participate in a annual service project in Avondale which was one of my areas for a short time. We painted a bunch of run down homes. 

  It was a great experience being able to help them a little bit in their circumstances. And that's been it last couple days, things should pick up since people are done hibernating in the summer. It's still hard to proselyte here, I feel; people, even full grown adults are usually in bed lights out at 7-7:30. But we are able to start street contacting again!!

Love you all have a good week Kannon Davis

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