Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week of January 25th

Hey everyone!

  Thanks for you emails I loved them, especially moms pictures when I shaved my eyebrows off for picture day!!

  So to start off about the week I had many funny experiences a scary one, and plenty spiritual ones. On Monday night last week, were rode to a lesson of a less active young guy just a few years older than me we were a few minutes early and I really had to pee. So I go behind this huge apartment complex off in the desert. And I found a good quite
place out there and right before I begin the process, a homeless man pops up like two feet away from me out of like some rock I don't know was there, and asked me if I was Jamie. I think Jamie was a girlfriend of his that left him, because he asked if she is coming back.
  I had my beanie in my hand and I just dropped it and started running my heart dropped to the floor. So, I think it was charity, cause I gave him my beanie.

Anyways, we have some great stuff coming up; we have a baptism this Saturday, from a part member family. The person being baptized is the mom, her husband was baptized 1 or 2 years ago. I took some photos
with them and their 4 kids, they are all really adorable little kids. I'll take more pictures of them on saturday.

This week I crashed, for the second time (sort of),  there is a weird group that stays here called Mennonites. They are like Amish people, they take the city bus. But, anyways there was a group of them like 8 or so playing shuffle board one morning, they all looked like George Washington and dressed the same and I totally stared at them for like
half a minute, it was the most strangest thing I've ever seen. And then I went straight into a curb and dipped my bike in the grass. 

On that same day things looked up for me though.  We were able to go to a baptisms that the sisters in our district had. We have a investigator there named B, he is being baptized on the 20th but he is doing so solid that we will probably end up moving it closer up.

Then after the baptism we felt like taking a totally different route than we usually do, and on the side of the road we saw two ladies moving some stuff for a garage sale so we were able to help them out. In some of the junk they were selling they had some books and on top off the pile was of course a Book of Mormon!!

    Glad to hear everyone's doing great snowboarding🏂, lifting weights💪🏼dating girls👩

 love you , 
Elder Kannon Davis

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