Sunday, February 21, 2016

Adversity- week of 2/15/16

Thanks for your emails everyone and so you all know I'm doing a lot better. As far as I know, I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to gluten. I back tracked all my meals the best I could and in the mornings I ate oat meal, and that's when I was I was ok then lunch and dinner was when I ate bread which is when I was super sick. Tuesday or Wednesday, whatever day it was after I called you was the fist day I didn't eat any gluten, and that was the first day I was ok and we proselyted on bikes that day and I did alright.

So, I was doing pretty good then, Sunday came and I ate the bread and I got sick again but I'm doing good now it usually last 24 hours so as of right now that's what I think it is. I'm still down on weight but it coming back I'm at 170 roughly.
  So I should be completely good hopefully next week I'm still taking the pills cause I'm still recovering but there should be no need to worry I'll be ok. 

Anyways, I wrote the topic "adversity" and that's not
because I found out I can't eat anymore pizza or donuts possibly forever. But, we had a interesting week the first day I was able to proselyte which was Wednesday, we were out super late and we were coming home sort of late at around 9:30 and we ran into my companion was acting sort of weird. He was looking all over the place while riding his bike I was sort of confused. Then, he crosses the street on
a pretty busy road and meets up with this homeless man named Therman. He is a vet and he is African American, we talked for a long time, he was fairly drunk. Then we decided to go to little ceases the pizza place and get him something.

  My companion Elder Hawkins said he felt impressed that he needed to talk to a homeless black guy like half a mile ago; that is why he was looking all over and acting kind of weird. Just last night we saw him again and gave him an invite for a dinner the ward is doing along with a talent show. Btw, we are in the tablent show, I'll send you videos next week. But we've been able to help our new friend Therman out quite a bit with his trials we actually found him a little hideout
next to a canal which might be his new home.

  Throughout the week we helped other people with health problems too. In our area is John C Lincoln northern Phoenix's main hospital, so we get calls to give blessings there multiple times every week. When I was sick my comp. and a different elder gave a blessing to some guy
who got jumped. And we see people like that there and the other three rehab centers that are right next to it everyday.

  And people are struggling and dying probably almost everyday there. Yesterday at elders quorum we had a wonderful lesson about adversity! 

I thought it was interesting how the plan of salvation literally is trials and adversity. If you think of Satan's plan, it was the exact opposite. People say why do bad things happen to good people, and Elder Jeffery R Holland says it perfect. "Expecting a trouble free life because you are a good person is like expecting the bull not to charge you because you are a vegetarian."

  And that's what I learned this week thank you so much for the care package I loved it!!! Same with the video of Justine that was hilarious Shane I still want yours from after the concussion. Love you!

 Elder Kannon Gregory Davis!!

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