Tuesday, February 9, 2016

this week! "The biggest Loser"

Hello family,
  Thanks for your emails sounds like you all had quite the week. Glad to hear Shane's doing better that's crazy, we've all broke bones but your the only one who has ever got a concussion.
  This week was different for me as well. Monday last week was normal, we played basketball with the other Elders in the zone, and I forgot to mention that about two weeks ago we got a car from the sisters in our district, cause they can't drive so we have been using that recently. Mostly because I got sick on Tuesday last week with mysterious stomach
pains. So throughout the week we used the car pretty much the whole time.

A couple days go by and it was still hurting, a few nights I had to come back early and rest or take a bath. So I tried to wait it out for a couple days, and still no hope! I wasn't able to eat even half a meal since Last Monday!  so, obviously it's a bad idea to work out and ride a bike so I've been resting for a whole week. And on Sunday I called the mission nurse and talked to her for little. This morning I hopped on the scale and in 6 days I've lost 16 pounds!! And that's why I
call this email the biggest loser. 

  This morning morning I called her again (the mission nurse) and got some guidance on what I should be doing. Then my Mission President called, And he wasn't very happy. (the reason he was upset is because he wanted us to call him sooner about this) He got a little upset at me, my comp, and then I'm pretty sure he the nurse too. And told me to go to the urgent care. I didn't hesitate when he said that. They were freaked out that I've lost that much in less than a week, so they sent
us to the hospital. And that's were we are right now.

  So I'll keep you updated on that I'm going to get a ultra sound to see if I'm pregnant or not, haha. 

This week I went on LDS.org and me and my companion saw something awesome called "two brothers two". Its under
Medea library. So what it is is a documentary about four brothers and their missions and growing up pretty much. I would recommend it. It brought me back to growing up and it how fast it all went. I kind of wish I was a kid again, no rent, no job, I could pick on my Braden and Justine and be annoying to Shane. I remember poking him in the face at
night from the top bunk with the stick I used to turn my alarm off with. Good times.

  Other than all that we got a referral from someone in Utah. It was a nice lady and her 6 year old kid. They are super sweet they came to church all three hours yesterday and are being baptized in March!!

  And that pretty much it for this week I'll keep everyone updated. 

 Love you all!
miss you guys can't wait to hang out on the toasty sand😃 have a great week. Oh and I would love the video of Shane you talked about glad to hear your recovering. Talk to everyone soon!

(from Tracie) Update on Kannon:

They did an ultra sound and possible a cat scan too. They were pretty concerned with Kannon's weight loss. (We are too) They were  unable to determine anything with these tests??? So, they sent him home with a prescription. 

We put a call into the Mission President to try to find out more and make sure Kannon is okay. Hopefully he will be better soon. It is extremely unlike Kannon to turn down food and lose so much weight!  I will keep this blog updated when I know more.

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