Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week of February 1st

Hey family I loved the emails and picture at Venus Beach!! I've always Wanted to go there. That's one of the coolest skate parks in the world!! You will have to go someday with me. A gym outside and the skate park on the beach what more could you ask for, oh and bubba gump
shrimp!! Glad you had a eventful  week you probably met more homeless people than I did.

The major highlight of this week was the baptism for Netiece.
I stroke lucky again and got here and she was on date to be baptized as well as another guy name Barry but I'll tell you more about him later on.

So Netiece  husband was baptized 2 years ago and introduced his wife to the church. She was Jehovah witness when she was a kid and she was taught for about 4 months then chose to be baptized. It's a young couple with 4 kids. The kids are awesome and super fun I had a great time teaching all of them.

The baptism was good. I say that cause I think more people from the ward should of came. Cause their amazing people.

This week we helped some people move in out ward and my companion is a district leader over 4 sisters so whenever they have a move they invite us cause they can't lift all the stupid drawers and cabinets people collect for some reason. And they probably want to see my Arnold Swartznager arms just kidding but that's what I felt like at the end of the week my arms were dead.

This week we found two new investigators through a less active woman who we taught and we might get a whole family of non members to teach in the future. It's a very poor family though and just a single mom. So, it's been a great week.
I loved all the photos and the pics with Joey, did he visit with you guys?? I also loved the hippie pictures keep the peace, and one love haha.
  Well that's mostly it for the week except one part I left out last two weeks we have both been giving a lot of blessings to people in the ward and that's been cool it's something I needed to work on a little.

Love you all everyone I'll send photos of the baptism.and some other random stuff Have a great week!!

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