Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week of February 22

Hey family!! First of all look at that picture of James Dean, I kinda I look like him!!

Anyways thank you all for your emails and especially grandma LaWana
for your letter I loved it all. I feel all better now which is
amazing, the whole time I was ill, I kept thinking, man I miss what it
feels like to be able to fell good, run and not be laying down all day.
It kind of makes me think of how many thousands of people are like
that. Just can't do much cause of physical disabilities. It's sad, but
someday they will be able to be better, that's the awesome part of dying.

  But, anyways I'm still not eating any gluten and I have a six pack
again which I'm okay with. It's kind of hard to get chubby not eating
gluten. Haha! so, this week we had a talent show in our ward I will have
to send that video to you all in a couple separated emails. It's a
long skit that we did with soccer, Elder Hawkins played the saxophone
then we we did a lip sink to Alex boy'e.

  Dad asked about Therman, (the homeless man) he was the homeless guy we bought pizza
for. He's doing good we see him like twice a day sometimes. He's
awesome we'll be on the other side of a busy street and he'll yell
those are my boys!! What's up homies!! But he's still homeless and he
has a wife apparently that he talks about all the time I've never seen
her. So that's it on him we pray with him on the side walks when we
see him usually.

  This week we have had multiple encounters  with all theses
different homeless people in Phoenix. There is this guy, we forgot his
name but he wears this huge green necklace thing I think he bought at
the dollar store it's a big shamrock. But he always crawls out of the
bar and stops us at the same place every time and he is always to
drunk to remember the last conversation we had with him. So we always
have the same conversation about Mormon women, Mormon doctors and
Joseph smith. And we mess around with him cause we always no exactly
what he's going to say next so he thinks we can read minds now.

  Another one has been more sad, it was a young guy who was drunk on
a bicycle and the first thing he said was I'm going to go home at put my
9 millimeter to my head so we sat with him. I think he was drunk and
made stupid decisions in life he will hopefully get through. It was
nuts when we were done talking to him he said "you wanna race??" To my
companion. And it was random, so they raced on the sidewalk and then
the dude just kept going right into the road at a four way we're two
of the biggest roads we have meet and right into oncoming traffic. I
have no idea how he possibly made it across the road there were so many
cars, and he just kept on going. He obviously didn't care to much what happens to him.
 On Saturday we have Barry being baptized and I'm going
confirm him on Sunday!!

And that was the week love you all have a wonderful week!!

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