Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hey family!!

  Thanks for your emails, love you all. This week we had a baptism!!! And gave talks at it. It was a busy week, oh and this lady named Liz who isn't a member comes to the church every night with her dogs and let's them run around. She came to our talent show also. She's lived in the neighborhood near the church for a long time and she loves Mormons and she's very proud and enthusiastic about it. She's awesome and loud she reminds me of Craig when he's camping he talks super loud and happy.

  But, anyways she asked us if we could fix her bike and of course I said say right away without hesitation forgetting all about how many bike I've wrecked by "fixing them". And when I wasn't doing anything I would work on it and I fixed it!! I pieced the chain together and the brakes and it wasn't broken!! I was stoked but it doesn't make me want
to work on bikes that was a one time deal. And she loves Mormons she can't stop saying that. Liz is outside of our area so we gave her to the other Elders they'll hopefully teach her someday soon.

  Since Barry is baptized we don't have anyone super solid but we have like almost 12 others that are kind of people that we teach and they take awhile so we'll pull through and find someone. Barry's baptism was cool cause his kids who are in their 30s and they weren't members and the talks were all kind of secretly centered on them, haha.

  It was also scary cause Barry was so late to his own baptism. You see he lives in Madison meadows a senior home complex which is were pretty much almost all our missionary work is done. But he can't drive, and the person who found him for us is Garry and he can drive but it's probably scarier than the scariest ride at six flags when he drives. And he drove Barry and they were like 20 minutes late. And we couldn't get a hold of either of them cause again their both kind of old and they didn't know how to answer their phones quite yet. So my companion goes with the ward mission leader to go see if they were alive and I had to keep the whole congregation entertained the whole time tell they finally got back. And then we went ahead and got him baptized by a ward member and I confirmed him yesterday day. That's
confirmation 3 for me!

On Sunday our talks were both about Jesus and parables he taught it was super good. And that was pretty much it here are some pictures love you all have a great week thank you for everything😍

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