Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week of April 12

Hey family so the news is neither me or Elder Hawkins are getting transferred!! pretty crazy I only have 3 transfers starting tomorrow and he's only got 2 so who know what's going to happen next it's getting scary,,

  It's been an eventful week I glad to hear dad back on his feet. I kept a better journal this week so starting last Monday after p day we went to some apartments and saw some loud youth young teenagers they were affrican american, so we asked him to play us in a game of basketball cause the
apartments had a court. They were both thirteen and were insanely good at basketball we played two games to 15 and both were pretty close but we beat them.

They had some skill so we invited them to play with the elder quorum, they play on Wednesday nights at the church we weren't there but they came and hopefully we can get some youth someday coming to church. Right now the youth and primary are extremely few in numbers. 

The next day was Tuesday and I was on exchanges for the day we ate with the same old couple I visited on exchanges a few weeks back. He went to a butcher that morning to get roast beef and it was never frozen, some of the best MEAT I've ever had. i love meat. And then he followed that up by tillamok ice cream. That was the height of the day
I've reflected greatly on that day.

  Wednesday was different we gave three people blessings. One guy he tried to overdose on drugs and ended up in the hospital, and to another guy who used to be homeless and this inactive guy took him in and sheltered him and the homeless guy was sick. Then later on we saw Therman again who is the Homeless African American who we haven't seen in a long time. He's doing ok still homeless though.

  Then later on in the week we got some rain. The first rain in 3 months, Arizona is not used to rain at all in didn't even rain that much and a lot of the roads were completely flooded cars were getting stuck with flooded engines.   Monday night was the hardest part of the week and probably of my
mission. It was late and we were at some huge section 8 apartments that are gross and run down. When a tall African guy seemed sad so we talked to him he didn't know much English he probably spoke French. He said in broken English he has on more cigarette and then he was going
to die. He was only about thirty so I asked him why and he kept talking I could really understand him by my companion said he was going to kill himself tonight after he finishes his pack of cigarettes. And he said I'll see you in heaven and walked away. We quickly went around the gate to go and talk to him but we couldn't find him again after walking around the gate so we stayed in the complex and rode around looking for him for half an hour and never found him. We then saw 4 cops rushing in the complex right by us and I
got worried sick that he actually did it and we were to late. but they were in there for a drug bust or something else I'm think. But we still never found out what happened to him. His name is Deng were on the lookout for him every time we go there.

And that's about it for the week I'm working on a passport this week keep sending pictures I like those and emails and for the story dad!! 

I'll put it to use love you all

Elder Davis

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