Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week of April 4th

Hey family,

I'm sad to hear what's going on at home with dads back (it is getting better now) 
 and on top of
that the truck. (Transmission going out) I'm sure tad will get things sorted out please keep me
updated on your back.

This week conference was fantastic!! My favorites were Dieter F
Uchtdorf talks both were super I wrote some stuff from the priesthood
session he said, My beloved brethren let me remind you If there were a
perfect women, do you really think that she would be that interested
in you??end  of quote. Love it!

I loved it all!! Over this week we had some cool coincidences meeting
people. A few weeks ago we met a lady "I" and her sister. These two
awesome Hispanic lady's. A few nights ago we met another one of there
sisters. Mexicans have the biggest families. And we keep teaching all
their families, one by one.😊

  During conference we were able to watch it at five different houses!
And 4 different investigators. And had some great experiences at that
ends my last General Conference as a missionary. And new to the family
I've decided to start writing down things as they happen in the last
part of my mission to keep you better filled in cause I'm rushed so
much every day and bye Monday I forget a lot of the little things we
did during the week.

What I can remember Wednesday we rode to the north half of our area.
The north side is they side we don't go to very often it's full of
rich people and is nothing but 89 degree hills. It also takes about 45
ministers to get up there cause the easy rides to get there all lead
outside of the mission.

  So we took a shortcut we went on a mountain biking/hiking trail that
goes over soon small mountains that separated us from our destiny.
And if you remember I'm on a rode bike that was made in the 80s. And
the trail was one of the most experienced trail ever big boulders
drops and birms and I had fun but when we took the same way home my
front tire was wiggling and making a terrible noise. So I took it
apart and sure enough my bearing was shattered and there was metal
crumbs were the ball bearings used to be so we got that figured out

  And on our journey in the wilderness on the trail we ran into some
Mormon guys from Gilbert and Mesa. And that was the week love you
guys. Be safe heal up dad I'll be praying for you!

Elder Davis

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