Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 9th

 Hey family, I loved skyping you time went by way to fast, I wanted
to say bye again but I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day mom and
grandma lawana and grandma Mary. Love you all and thanks for
everything you have done for me. I'm grateful to have you all in my

  This week was average which is still good. In the beginning of the
week we saw on our way home a skinny black guy one night and it was
another guy my comp. felt the spiritual awaking to ride straight to
him, he has those all the time. And we started a conversation with him
he was sitting on a wall outside his little apartments and while we
were talking to him he turns around and starts yakking all over on the
other side of the wall. It was weird and he barfed for like 4/5
minutes straight. And then tells us he thinks he has AIDS and the
story of how he has aids is 100 times weirder than that. We tried to
teach him this week but he's just on a lot of drugs it's hard to teach
high people.

  This week we also had some weather. We were gunna go hide out at
McDonald's but then it didn't rain so we decided to do something on
elder Hawkins bucket list so we rode through the drive through on our
bikes on he got a cone. Then an hour later we were far from any
shelter the storm came in. There called micro burst and they last no
longer than 10-15 minutes usually. It felt like a month. It rains so
hard the air can't go anywhere and sometimes trees fall over. We got
drenched it was a good experience though. If you get stuck in a storm as
a missionary you get wife points, which means your future wife gets
  On Saturday we ran into some kids that we played basketball with
before, they had some friends so we challenged the. It was an intense
game I ran into Hawkins I have a black eye on the top my eye lid. His
whole head was all swollen. Wimp, just Kidding.

  We are blessed we have a baptism this Saturday. Cheryl 
is the one getting baptized she has a true desire to be closer to God.
She grew up very devout southern baptist. That was really hard for
her. She felt like she was betraying God by joining another church but
she felt after praying about it was the right thing to do.

  The to finish of the week I go to the back deck this morning to
take out the trash. And mike the bike (which was my black one) was
stolen some time yesterday or last night. The guy at the bike shop
named it mike I can't remember why.

It's not much of a big deal after I broke the crank I put one on that
we had laying around in our appt. and it wasn't even with the other
one and so the whole bike was catty wompis, I'm expecting the person
whole stole it is gunna return in here in a few days. It's not that's
nice of bike.
  I love you all I'm grateful I could Skype one more time.

Kannon davis

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