Sunday, May 22, 2016

week of May 16th

Hey everyone!!

This week you'll never guess we what happened, we ran into another
African American guy on the street and he needed a blessing. He said
at work he broke his neck a while back and he couldn't afford to get
any help. So we gave him a blessing behind a convenient store. He has
contacted us over the phone a few times. I think in the future once he
has a home and a steady job again he will contact us again.

The next day on Wednesday I went on exchanges. We were doing some
service with the district then we went on another service thing I was
with a different missionary in a different ward, and we were going to
a move of course. Her name was sister Sterling. She was 30 looked not
a day over 22 and she looked a lot like a blond version of Lindsey
Sterling. I didn't find out Intel after the move it was actually
Lindsey sterling's older sister!! pretty cool and don't worry dad it
wasn't easy but I kept my heart locked Haha.

Then on Thursday I forgot what happened so nothing to crazy. But on
Friday we went to a super big section 8 apartments which are really
poor. And we ran into the African American lady we baptized a
few months ago walking around with here baby and she said she needed
help. So we followed her to here apartment and her and her husband
Bobby started arguing and yelling at each other.

  We tried calming them down at first, but it slowly got worse. we waited outside, because
they had the door locked.  I was getting tired of waiting outside, their window was wide open,
so, I was about to climb in, but they finally opened the door.
We had a member come to over to help us
as that all happened, he was able to help figure something out. The
dad ended up packing up and leaving. It was sad I felt bad for all the

  The next day was a lot better we had a baptism. Her
baptism was preformed by her husband and me and Elder Hawkins had to
go in there to help her out cause she's had a knee replacement on both
legs and she is a heavier laddie.
  The baptism went to plan it worked out great and she loved every
minute of it.

This week we also had interviews with the mission president, and long
story short since me and Hawkins have been together for 3 transfers
which is almost 5 months. The president felt that he should stay in
the area because he has only 1 transfer left. And since my allergies have
picked up a lot worse than last year there's a good chance I'll go
north somewhere. This Wednesday is transfers so I'll email the news
soon. Love you all!!!!!!here are some photos have a great week!

Elder Kannon Davis

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