Sunday, July 3, 2016

June 20th

This weeks been different, a elder in our district had to go home
cause he had narly planters warts on his feet. He got them in the MTC
showers and it looks like he has tumors on his feet. It was gross. But
he needed that taken care of so his companion who is Elder Jensen the
same one who came out with me in the MTC  and I was comps with him in
Prescott valley.
So I'm in my first official tripanionship. It's super weird but all of
us have been out for a while so no ones freekin out. We had to move
all our food over had we spent like three hours bleaching the shower
and the bathroom floors of the wart infected missionary. So now we're
all moved in and trying to take care of 4 wards right now.
Since we had 4 wards we had a lot of dinners. One day we had a lunch
with a member and we had stake and then we had a dinner and we had
stake. When we went home my gums were really sore, so I looked and I
had stake In Between one of my teeth and my gums and I had to get in
out and my mouth was bleeding a ton. So state side missions ain't that
bad we get great stake.
The next day we took elder jensens car out to a lesson and we had low
gas and we ran out of gas super close to the gas station. So I put it
into neutral and costed Intel we were like in the parking lot and then
it started again it was super cool. Then that night we were coming
home and saw a lot of cool ps and fire trucks flying down the road
with their lights on so we followed them of course. And what happened
was a Prius battery exploded!! Nuts I don't know if anyone got hurt.
I'll send a picture of the black driveway.
On better news since we're with elder Jensen we have a baptism this
Saturday from a part member family. He's a 14 year old boy and he's
pretty smart. So things are good we all get along good both my
companions are getting trunky. Elder Peterson has a contact with apple
for an invention and he's gonna be a millionaire within a year most
likely. Elder Jensen he's just trucky. There great thou.
  And I apologize dad for not sending a letter happy Father's Day hope
it was a great day. And an update on the stickers we gave some out to
some missionaries and a few members and the stake relief society
president is meeting with the  stake president this week or next week
to get some money for it.
  Love you all have a wonderful week at trek make the best out of it
and tell me about it justines going right?? O and Braden right??  Have
a great week. Love you dad happy Father's Day!

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