Sunday, July 3, 2016

Week of June 6 (we fell behind, sorry)

Hey family!!

This week was awesome, I went to the YSA for the first time. It's
kinda weird both of our wards start at 1 so we have to go separate I
went to the YSA and it was really welcoming.
So this week we were working on a project to help missionary work in
the ward. What it is is a sticker that says LDS in fancy cursive
letters and it's a window decal. In Goodyear there are thousands of
members and if everyone had LDS stickers it would spark a lot of
conversations cause thousands of people would have these stickers. It
was Elder Peterson's idea I also didn't tell you last week he is
straight up genius!! He's was in byu as a mathematician and a
So we're getting stickers at a print shop and we're gunna figure out
the cost once we find the right stickers. I hope this ward can someday
be like phoenix were we teach all day. We have a baptism this Sunday
actually it's going to be right after stake conference cause she'll be
with the youth on a pioneer track. I don't know a whole lot about her
life but her parents weren't active. And that's why she being baptized
at 14, then we have another guy who is on date, his wife was inactive
since she was young and he was super scared to come to church cause of
experiences when he was young.
But he came to church yesterday and realized we're pretty normal.
That's what the stickers will do. People will realize there is a lot
more Mormons than people realize and were decently normal and people
might want to come to see what it's all about.

To answer some questions Me and Elder Petersen get along great he's a
super funny guy. He has been out about 18 months so he is also
seasoned. And Goodyear is just as hot as phoenix but the ac is quite a
bit colder than my bikes ac. It got up to 115 on saterday and its only
the beginning of June🔥. I honestly can take the heat more than the
cold any day thou. But I tell a story, saterday we saw someone broken
down with a flat tire. We come and help the they were a Hispanic
family and didn't speak English. There car jack was broken so we used
ours and I was jacking up the car and I grabbed the lug nuts and they
burnt my hand. Surprisingly bad, the the same thing happened when I
grabbed the Jack to lower it I went home with first degree burns on my
  Love you all happy birthday Braden have fun at the dances, get the
Have a wonderful week love you all
Elder Davis

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