Sunday, August 14, 2016

last mega email

Everyone this is my very first ever mega Email. And it's my last. I
reflected last night a lot on my mission, I have a journal that I
write in like once in a blue moon through out my life. I don't write
much, just the important stuff once in a while. I also don't read much
so it works out great!! But I read a little in it last night and have
been able to reflect on my mission and then it made me think about my
I feel after reflecting on my life and mission I've always been
blessed beyond measure and blessed more than I honestly deserve. I
rolled a car and came out without a scratch. I some how graduated high
school. I wasn't always a hard worker, but somehow I always had a job
growing up.

And on my mission I've had so many great companions that I've learned
a lot from and had so many great experiences with and that I love. And
most of all a wonderful family who have always done anything for me. I
love them. So now I'm going I'm super grateful for all of you support
and love since I've been out.

  Last week I was able to baptize someone named Cameron he is adopted
and his real parents were addicted to drugs so he had to leave. It was
a wonderful. I knew from my patriotic blessing that I was going to
baptize some one on my mission. I didn't think it wouldn't happen
untill the last week of my mission, but it proves that prayers are
answered. Sometime on the lords time. So I'll see you all Very soon
can't wait!! God bless

Elder Davis

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