Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 10, 2014

Hey family!!!!!!!
So this week was medium we went tracking a lot I tried to send you
more pictures but I had some trouble with the camera.

  So other than that my companion turned 21!! We celebrated at a
Mexican joint called Titus tacos I'm for sure sending you photos of
that. I just had trouble this week with the computer.

  We went to titos like twice with a member family it's super
authentic. We went with brother hardy and his family. He has a cabin
in running springs!! Small world. He's going in Christmas time so I'll
tell you more so you can have dinner together. He's a lot like Shane
haha. Quiet but hallarious!

  So I'm very jealous of your quad ride family reunion. But yeah, I eat
a lot! I used to play soccer in the mornings cause there is a feild
but it wasn't athletic enough!!

    So all is well stay safe during riding season!!! Can't wait for
the package I will let you know when I get it love you all


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