Sunday, December 14, 2014


Hey everyone glad you guys could make me jealous at glamis!! Haha I
wish😭. Thanks for the pictures and videos. So first of Braden yes use
anything that's not in those 2 boxes I'll probably give you my
mountain bike to when I get home if no one steals it.
Mom yes I am😜haha but Shane!! Are you writing a girl and never told
me about it!! Come on dawwg I'm yo boy. And one question when I skype
you guys do you have like Skype IDs?? I'm still me and I'm clueless,

So this week was cool I got to confirm gabby which was amazing. I
sent you a picture of that to. So that was the experience this week I
love there family I'm glad they talk to you I'm also going there for
my b day which is gabbys b day to.
  So I've been thinking of another gift and I actually need some
garments mesh 32 short. O and what Tim are you calling Shane we will
figure something out bend some rules like back in old times😝😝.

  Ok adhd moment back to the week We had dinner at some investigators
house. There realy fun people an older couple named Robert and meriam
Tornello. They know more about the bible than probably some apostles.
But there only problem is they don't know how to recognize the spirit
the have been investigators for about 8 months!! Active too.
  So glad you all had a great thanksgiving love you all
          elder kannon Gregory davis🎶🎵🎼

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