Sunday, December 14, 2014


Que pasa!!

  This week was amazing, we finally have another "golden
investigator". Her name is JH, a member found her at a garage
sale with her and her three kids a 14, 13 and 2 year old, she is
divorced. We taught her Sunday and now her and her two oldest are
getting baptized on the 10th of January.
  It was intense she pretty much already gots a testimony of
everything and she never misses church.
We found a couple more people but for some reason we are sometimes
super unlucky. We keep setting appointments at the wrong time or
something because when we go they are so wasted and drunk. Being
around it so much it builds my testimony of the word of wisdom. We
were saying a prayer cause an investigator that was drunk asked us to.
We had a member with us and he is 81, she tried to kiss him in the
middle of the prayer!! I pulled her off and she licked my shoulder and
started dancing. People are not themselves when there drunk.
Other than that we watched the Christmas devotional last night. That
was really cool cool you had fun looking at the lights it sounds fun
I'm going to go the the Mesa Arizona temple and see some!! But
Christmas will be different without you all thou love you!!!!!!
            Kannon davis🎅🍤💩

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