Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week of 12/15/14

hey everyone!!!

So I did get the birthday gift thanks fam haha I loved the tie it's
the sickest one I've ever seen!!!! Ynez!! Sorry for not writing you
back what's up!! I miss you.    And for Skype I can pretty much do it
whenever just give me a time.

Okay this week we had a huge Christmas party. It was a lual which is
a Hawaiian party. We even butchered a whole pig. I will send you pics,
it was cool see something I've never seen a pig shot and butchered. We
also helped the young men dig a pit to bury the pig. It was like
making a homemade oven.
  I live with a Samoan elder and a Hawaiian elder so they helped us
with all the cultural stuff.

  This week was real exciting the whole mission also went down to the
Mesa temple and did a session and saw all the Christmas lights the
temple set up it was amazing. We have an amazing mission president he
payed for like 4 tour busses to take us down then after he rented a
home town buffet!!!
    Other than all that one of our members named the R---- an
older couple found a family that we are teaching. I talked about them
once before the mom is JH and she has two teenage kids. We put
them on a baptismal date for January 24th. They are all really
prepared to hear the gospel it's great.

  So that was my week love you all so much happy holidays!!
    Kannon davis

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