Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week of December 22nd

hey everyone good news i broke my ipad!! thats not good but i can still skype christmas ill just use my companions all is well. and i can skype at 8:30 am so ill see shanes computer face!!
   thanks Angie and Craig for the Christmas letter it was so cool to hear some of the stories you guys had.
  good luck in the baptisms for the dead justine and braden its a special thing! and hope the families all have funn at the church christmas eve. take pics and that video tape you were saying.

   so this week was super good we been able to meet with jenie and her two kids catrey and cailin. there baptism date is on january 24th but were gunna have to move it a little closer there like 100 percent prepared!! its insane how bad they all want to be baptized. thats why its important for even regular members to share what they beleive cause thats who found them is some members at a garage sale.

   and we also went a did a session at the new phoenix temple. its super pretty inside and out.

  and i got the pakage from salt lake thanks dad and a letter from grandma lawana tell her thanks hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY FREEKIN NEW YEAR!! love you all!!!!!

   elder kannon davis

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