Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week of December 30th

Hey everyone!!!WHATS UP!!

So I survived another transfer my companions leaving the ward after
being here for 9 and a half months!!
He and two other elders played a joke on me. The mission president
called us yesterday and I answered and he asked for elder hernandez my
companion, and they talked for a minute in a separate room and when he
came out he said he got a call to train again and that I would be
  I thought I was leaving all day Monday but turns out he got a call to
leave and be a zone leader!!
And I might also take a whole entire new Ward with the one I have!!
I'm curious now.  But it was wonderful being able to skype thanks
Shane for the video!! You look good and super Mexican!
Also thanks for the pictures next week can you resend them in a
different size? Like bigger maybe?

  So glad you all had a wonderful Christmas I did to and we had a
wonderful week we met with jenie, catrey, and cailin our top
investigators were going to be baptized on the 24th but....
They were super ready so we moved it I can send you all a picture
with them on Monday!! Love you all congrats Justine on the job making


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