Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week of January 5th, 2015

Hey family!!!!!!

So this week it finally snowed I sent some pictures of it. It was on
New Year's Day.

I saw some pictures from a motor cross race that sounded so sick!!
And thanks for resending the pictures.

This week my companion elder Hernandez got transferred he is now a zone leader!!
  I think I took having him as a trainer for granted. He really was
super good and we always stayed busy finding investigators.

  This new transfer I stayed in Prescott Valley and my new companions
name is elder Jensen. Funny thing about him, he lived in the same room
I did at the MTC.
  A very small chance that ever happens.
We didn't get along then, but for some reason we are great friends now
weird how it works.

  Other than that we have a family of three being baptized on the 17
of this month things are super great with them.
  I'm really looking forward to seeing Shane soon when he sneaks over here.

Love you all talk next week
                      Kannon Gregory davis!!!!

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