Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week of January 12th, 2015

Hey everyone

 thanks for the pictures of the goals. Guess what I got 2 out of 6
!!!! Brr brr WOOP! Some people would think that's bad, but it's great
it means I'm still Kannon!!
Anyways I hope things we'll get better with work at California laws.
  So things here are still progressing we take two wards. The stone
ridge Ward (my first one) is a very young family Ward there is over
150 kids in the primary all under 12!! It's really weird and rare if a
couple in the ward were to have any less than 4 kids.
  In the Dewey Ward everyone is retired. We are getting
the wards trust back, because I guess they had some bad experiences
with some of the missionaries, but they are hight maintenance. It will be good
  Other than all that the family we have been working with are all three
being baptized this Saturday!!
We have been focused on them a lot because most missionaries don't
get an opportunity like this one!  Their called ( golden
investigators)I will take lots of pictures with them and send them.
  Sweet!! Nothin else too crazy stay in school, don't get FIRED!! haha
love you all

            From the man with a can
        Kannon davis!!

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