Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week of 2/16/2015

Hey everyone!!
So this week was nuts I got transfered out of the north and now I'm
near Phoenix, in a city called Peoria and my area is also part of
Glendale. I'm glad I got here right before it gets super hot so I can
adapt to the heat, its already pretty warm.

The city is super busy and were are like right in the center. The
ward I'm in is probably a tiny bit smaller than running springs. And
there isn't a whole lot of investigators as of right now, we are
mostly working with inactive members.

And also my new companions name is elder Luke, he is from Oregon and
he actually trained my last companion elder jensen. Elder Luke a really
funny guy. Different ,but it's good.

And how long does Shane have left? Like 6-7 weeks right?? Dang that's
insane, life about to start!! Don't get trunky but I know you won't.

  And big congrats to dad with the grunt! An extra 12 is always good
news!! Haha so stay safe all of you I will send some pictures next week.

Elder Kannon Davis

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