Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week of 2/23/2015

Hey everyone!!
So I was reading the e-mails and learned about the poor, dessert camp out.
Please send me some photos, I was looking on my camera last night and
I still have some photos of the last one and I seriously miss that

  So a little bit about the area it's a super busy city, the sunsets
are amazing but you can't see them that great cause there is so
many houses and buildings. I haven't really seen much land for a long
time. So it's the exact opposite from my last area. Warm and super

  It's different being in a bike area to0, people say weird things a
lot. But I pleaded with the mission pres. And he said I would do better in a
biking area so I'm probably going to be in one for most  my whole
mission.😄😃 I'm ok with that.

  So anyways the craziest thing this week happens on Tuesday, when it
was late so we were on our way home going pretty fast when my
companion crashed really hard. There was a rope on a fence that he
couldn't see and it got caught on his handlebars.

  So he went down and I helped him but he couldn't ride home, so out
of nowhere some middle Eastern man came and put our bikes in his
Mercedes sports car. We talked to him a bit on the ride home, and he then told us he
was Muslim. He was a very Christ like man. We were grateful for him helping us out.

  Well nice talking to you all, love you all tons. Go hard Shane!!!!
  Elder Kannon Davis

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