Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week of 3/16/2015

Hey everyone!! Thanks for all your emails again they were pretty
funny but partly false. You see when I shot the squirrel it was a very
frightening life changing experience. As my heart was shattered for
the little guy I evolved into what I am now. And now everyday I'm
looking forward to seeing the squirrel in heaven.
  So that's how it all went down dad!! But I'm very proud of you
Braden. shoot them rascals.

  So, happy birthday Shane!! That's lagitamently crazy 21!! My baby brothers 21
Anyways, this week was good, just last night on our way home we saw a
street race!! it was so sweet it reminded me of the draggs at glamis
just a bunch of nice cars going fast like they should be.

  And as far as work goes we didn't find any investigators this week,
unfortunately. We're really starting to work with less actives a lot
more cause there is a lot more of them in this ward. So many of them are really
friendly and keep commitments. So, that was my week. Right, and also
it's super windy and the sand storms are picking up!! Heck yea!!

  Love you all tons!! Shane I hope you come and visit me soon!

  Elder Kannon davis

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